Friday, October 26, 2007

Regarding My Family...

"My four perasan hensem cousins..."

Raya is almost over! I had fun spending Raya with my family...we laughed, we took pictures, we did crazy things and the best part was when we looked at loads of albums with pictures from the past. Masa kecik-kecik dulu...hehehe. I did not dare to put the pictures here..censored! Now, life has been back to normal. Normal means tons of work!!! Plus the final exams are just behind the corner. On top of that my father was admitted to hospital last Monday. At first we thought it was a heart problem. But, after the tests had been run, it was a problem with the muscle instead. We were so relieved. I felt so sad watching him on the hospital bed everyday. I remembered myself wishing, 'let it be me instead.' I had the same wish whenever my children are sick. Daughter instinct? Mother instinct? I bet most of you have experienced similar feelings, right?

Well, I hope you have a nice Raya celebration too.. After this, it will be Deepavali and then Raya Haji and then Christmas..and then Chinese New Year. Wah, we are so lucky to be Malaysians.

"Kamalia with her Auntie Fatin..main jual-jual during Raya"

Monday, October 8, 2007

Regarding Hari Raya Wish...

Personally, I wish Ramadhan will not end because that's when I really feel the happiness of celebrating Raya. By the time Raya arrives, the excitement will be gone. Of course when I was a child, Raya was everything..cause I got to eat all the kuih that I wanted, and I got to collect duit raya some more. But now, as I aged, I am the one who gives the duit raya, and prepare all the kuih and dishes...and on top of that I have to work. is so tiring! People's expectations on me sometimes take all the fun away. Still, I hope for some happiness somewhere. I am going to celebrate Raya in my husband's hometown this year. They have a very big family. With almost 50 grandchildren and around 26 adults in one house during the first day of can just say that survival is for the fittest. Hahaha. Well, I'll be taking my leave starting this Wednesday. Therefore, I just want to wish family members, my relatives, my friends, my colleagues, my students...a very happy Raya and maaf zahir batin. Take care.