Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Semester, New Faces...

The new semester has just begun last Monday. I saw a lot of new faces since then. Of course I only had a handful of students during that day (it was a day before Christmas..what did you expect, kan?).

Today seemed a bit better. Both my morning classes were almost full. It was kind of nice to have been able to teach after such a long rest. Tee commented that I looked much better my normal self. And he said that perhaps my motivation at work came largely from my students. Surprisingly, I think he was right. Being able to share my knowledge with my students and being able to touch their lives no matter how little somehow makes me feel alive. I take pride with what some of them have achieved so far and I don't even mind if they have no recollection of me whatsoever in the future. Sounds funny, isn’t it?