Wednesday, June 16, 2010


At around 9.30pm tonight, my phone beeped signifying an incoming message – ‘Prof Shaik Noor Alam passed away earlier today.’ For a moment I was left with no emotion at all. And suddenly it dawned on me that this person that I often see (for our offices are located on the same floor) is now gone. He is really, really gone. My heart feels empty. Hollow. There will be no more short talks with him, no more smiles, no more exchanged of Salams... All that’s left is just his legacy and what I can remember of him. In time, those memories may also fade away as memories often do. Oh, I am not that close with Prof Shaik. Not like some of my colleagues who have the chance to be taken under his wing. He may not even remember my name, only the familiarity of my face. But I’ve had my share. And even for those short moments, I am glad to have crossed my path with him. His death made me realize how short life can be, and how abrupt it can be taken away from you. Inna lillah wa inna 'ilayhi raji'un. Just a few days ago I heard of him coming to the faculty. I was not able to meet him but they said he looked well. I had my hopes up high then for him. But now this news. He is gone. He is really, really gone. ‘Prof, you will be missed. Semoga rohmu dicucuri rahmat.’ Al-Fatihah.