Monday, November 30, 2009

Perception or Illusion?

I was in the hotel room in Den Haag, alone and suddenly I had this thought that it would be wonderful if I can separate my vision from my body and see ME for the first time. Does that make any sense? All these years, we can only assume that we are people with certain looks and certain personalities. Of course we will be able to see at how we look in the mirror, but again it is only our perceptions on ourselves. Some people say that perception is merely an illusion. I believe that is probably true. For an example, I may never know what I am truly like because mostly every individual who have crossed my path came up with different perceptions or opinions on me. Over time I have been able to conjure interesting adjectives that are used to describe me. And some of those adjectives don’t seem to match my expectations of me at all. These descriptions never ceased to amaze me although at times they made me laugh (when they sounded so silly to me) or even angry (when they sounded so absurd to me). Wouldn’t it be nice if we can project the images that we wanted to, to our parents, lovers, kids, friends, colleagues, etc. without fear that those images would be distorted in some way or another by these peoples’ perceptions on us? Wouldn’t it be nice to see ourselves as the actors and actresses in the reality show so that we can do the evaluation on our looks and personalities beforehand? Well, one can only hope..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friendship Never Ends.

Wednesday: 11 November 2009

Nothing is more satisfying than having good friends whom I know will be there for me through ups and downs. Friends who don’t judge me blindly, but instead try to understand me. Friends who are supportive in whatever I do and who care enough to criticize even though the criticisms hurt in the beginning. And sometimes it’s the simple things that friends do that really touch me deep in the heart. Like today. We are on the final day of NLP Training in Eastin Hotel, PJ when I was surprised by the pure gestures of friendship. To Jo Ann, Serene and Tee, you guys really made my day. Words cannot really express my feelings at that moment. To Eton, it just feels good to have somebody caring whether I am happy or not, whether I am surviving or not once in a while. All in all, I just want to say that to have friends like you is one of the best gifts that I wish in my life. Thank you.