Sunday, September 15, 2013

Still Here...

Life is tough. As an academician it is tougher. Many would think that we are in a relax zone where there are no urgencies and an abundance of time. With this wrong perception in mind, a few applied, got accepted and lived with frustrations. The truth is lately, life as an academician is full with urgencies and challenges. The expectations are always greater especially if you come from any of the research universities. We are not only teachers and advisors to our students. We are researchers that contribute to policy making and the goodness of the nation. We are also the consultants that link the industry to the academics. And we are our own personal assistant.

Regardless of how many tasks at hand, we have to handle our own administrative works. And so, we are always appeared to be running as it will allow us to accomplish more within the given time. Not many people will understand our positions. Not many will appreciate what we have done or intend to do. Most of the time, we are still being accused of not doing enough.

In the course of completing all these tasks, some forget that the actual responsibility (or tugas hakiki) of an academician is teaching. Fail this and we fail the students. Fail the students and we therefore fail the nation.

Still, as a human being it is not possible to be great in all and not sacrifice our life. Personally, as a woman, I also need to keep in mind of my responsibilities at home to my family, my husband and especially my kids. I have long decided that I do not want to miss seeing my children grow up. My daughter is already at a boarding school. I wish that I could have spent more time with her. But time is not on my side at the moment. There are always reports to complete, answer scripts to mark, books to compile, projects to finish, conference to organize, journals or cases to write, etc.

So, for the students, please be patient when you could not find your lecturers. We are still here. We are just finding our ways in making sure that we are able to do great jobs and at the same time enjoy our lives. But we will make time for you...always.