Friday, January 21, 2011

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. I have lots of friends. But in truth only some prove to be reliable. Only some will be around when I need them the most. Only some actually believe in me. And only some love me unconditionally. I do believe that in life, one can never do without friends. And so, when they leave, life can never be the same ever again.

If I were to describe Jue with two words, it would be fun and shopping. If I were to describe her brand, it will be Coach. Wow! I have never seen her feeling depress or sad. She is always strong and confident. And events in her life always take an interesting turn every now and then – like pages of a novel. To Jue, I hope life treats you well wherever you are. Thank you for the constant inspiration, joy and love you share with me.

This particular friend of mine has the word ‘perfectionist’ stamped all over him. He is a good friend to have. Always willing to go for an extra mile. Always look at things in a positive way. He has a good aura surrounding him and that aura is projected to his friends somehow. A calming effect. This is a friend that knows how to enjoy life. To Tee, I hope you will one day find what you have been searching for. And thank you for always being there for me..through laugh and tears.

Serene is one of the most determined individuals that I know. Although she will only be gone for about 10 months, for me she is still not going to be around here. It is very fortunate for me to find such a reliable friend. And a very optimistic one too. From time to time, she helps keep my feet on the ground. Well, to you Serene, enjoy your life in Perth. Don't forget to come home when you are done, eh.

Frankly, I have always known that when people made their decisions, no tears will stop them from leaving. Still, some parts of me wish that they would stay. Hehe. Good luck you guys and love ya!